What is an attachment of salary?

An attachment of salary occurs when a company or structure declares you have not paid invoices. A creditor thus directly seizes the amount due on the salary of an employee, or on their pensions.

The employee is always informed (usually per postal mail) when an attachment is made and what the amount is. If you have not received such notice, you should contact the debt collector.


If this happens to you and if a creditor contacts Recolo Hospitality, as your employer, we have no choice but to apply the attachment on your salary. Legally, we cannot provide you with the explanation of the attachment. This is between you and the creditor.


When deducing the attachment, Recolo Hospitality will apply the specified seizure-free rate (this means that the debt collector should let you enough to pay your fixed costs) decided for the employee by the creditor. If you do not agree with that rate, you can object to the debt collector, but Recolo Hospitality will not take part or mediate in this process. The employer can only apply the decision.

That seizure-free rate, in 2019, differs on the personal situation (age and family).