When do I get paid my salary?

Recolo pays your salary every 4 weeks. That means that you will receive a total of 13 payments in one year instead of 12 for a monthly payment). When the period of 4 weeks is finished, the payment of the salary is done during the following week.

Example 1

You started to work during week 5 and worked also during weeks 6, 7 and 8. Your salary of period 2 (week 5-8) will be paid during week 9.


Example 2

You start working during week 39, and worked also during week40. The payment of your salary will be done during week 41.


The payment after a period is made on the Friday at the latest. It sometimes happens that the payment is done earlier if the hours have been approved on time by the workplace.

For 2022, you can see the payment dates in the document below.