Working in the Netherlands - Mandatory Health insurance

The Dutch healthcare system is totally private. The government is responsible for its accessibility and the quality of health services, but who provides the health services are private companies.

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have health insurance. All people who live in the Netherlands must contract this service, with any of the companies that offer it.

It must be contract from the first day that the person register herself/himself in the Gemeente. If it is not done on the same day, you must know, you will be required to pay the time between the Gemeente´s registration and your health insurance registration. If not paid, fines will be take place. 

This private health insurance costs around € 105 per month, with basic cover. You can request for additional services at the moment you take it and pay extra for these services monthly, depending on what is contracted (for example, alternative medicine treatments, dental treatments up to a certain amount, physiotherapy sessions)

The basic health insurance covers medical visits with the huisarts (family doctor), hospitalization, appointments with specialists (as long as they are requested by the family doctor), some prescription medicines, laboratory tests and diagnostic tests (on this items you could paid up to an annual amount of money. If this limit is exceeded, no additional payment would be required. On 2020, the amount is € 385 per year). Some other services are included. But you should check this with the insurance company you decide to contract.

Children under 18 years old, are included in their parents' insurance, without additional payment.

It is important to have the health insurance arranged for be able to work.

To find the insurance that best suits for, please take a look on the following website.